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F. Peirce Williams Photography   Outstanding boat racing photography - Site currently unavailable.

HydroWorld   A real nice site from Scott Tebbe, with up-to-date news and photos.

Russ's Hydroplane Page   Russ McElroy's site has current news and information and many, many photos. Includes special Bill Muncey and Chip Hanauer pages. Hanauer pages.

The Dutchman / New Kid In Town   The U-28 rides again! A great page from Ray Forsman.

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Society   Great photos here.

Leslie Field's Hydroplane History Page   As the site states..."We are here to celebrate unlimited hydroplane racing, with particular emphasis on the "Golden Age" of the '50's and '60's" -- Thank you, Leslie! the '50's and '60's" -- Thank you, Leslie!

Roostertails.Net   From Sean Bowsher, featuring all classes of APBA racing, including Unlimiteds, vintage and inboard hydroplanes.

Hydroplane Covers project!   The site's purpose is to "...gather together as many programme covers from official race day meeting guides as possible." guides as possible."

Denny Jackson's Hydroplane Racing   An old friend to U.D. has a web site that gives a "personal history of hydroplane racing from 1976 to the present." Thanks, Denny!

Unlimited Hydropage   Has a cool trivia contest and very up-to-date news items.

1955 Miss Thriftway Replica   Photos and descriptions on the process and progress of building this beautiful mahogany, orange and cream champion. The 1955 Miss Thriftway won the 1956 and 1957 Gold Cup as well as the 1956 Presidents Cup.

Roger Schaaf's Hydro Nation Blog   From U.D. member Roger Schaaf - "The Hydro Nation!"

Jim Dunn's MY GYPSY Blog   The blog is dedicated to the memory of Jim Dunn's favorite unlimited hydroplane, U-15 My Gypsy.

Lee Lafleur's Photo Gallery   Great site for photos of the current fleet. Lee Lafleur is a friend of U21 Freedom Racing. Nice work, Lee!

Unlimited NewsJournal - Seattle   This is the new on-line version of the UNLIMITED newsjournal. The UNJ has been around in print version since 1973 and this is their new online version.

Thunder The Bridge   A place to rant and reminisce about Unlimited Hydroplanes

1962-1965 Miss Bardahl   Site dedicated to the 1962-1965 Miss Bardahl

Screechie's Website   Madison/Oberto links, photos and more!


RC Boat Company 1/8 Scale Hydroplanes   Radio Control 1/8 Scale Hydroplane Epoxy Fiberglass hull kits.

Electric Radio Controlled Unlimiteds (ERCU)   Born from the R/C "Nitro Class" 1/8 scale racers, these new 1/10-scale boats may be the wave of the future. Duplicating the hydroplane racing with a quiet, non-polluting, motor; the "electrics"!

Casper Model Hydroplanes - Detroit   Casper model hydroplane racing - Detroit Style

Casper Model Hydroplanes - Seattle   Casper model hydroplane racing - Seattle Style

NOSTALGIC UNLIMITEDS   Custom Made Models in 1/20 Scale of Unlimited Hydros


The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum   

Dossin Great Lakes Museum   Our own jewel on Belle Isle, with the U-99 Miss Pepsi is on exhibit.

Detroit APBA Gold Cup   The official site for the Gold Cup.

Boat Sport Magazine - 1952-1958   From the pages of Boat Sport Magazine - historical information for antique outboard hobbyists and vintage boat racing enthusiasts.

Building the 1955 U-60 Miss Thriftway   Vashon Unlimiteds. LLC is constructing an exact replica of the 1955 Miss Thriftway from the original plans of designer Ted Jones.


H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes   

American Powerboat Association (APBA)   

APBA Store   Official APBA Merchandise - Online store!


Detroit, MI   Chrysler/Jeep APBA Gold Cup

Madison, IN   Madison Regatta

Tri-Cities, WA   Tri Cities Water Follies

Seattle, WA   Texaco Cup at Seafair

Detroit   Official site for the Chrysler Jeep Detroit APBA Gold Cup

RACE TEAMS (Unlimited Lights)

UL15 Hopp Racing Team   

UL72 Pocket Mechanic   

UL-333 Demon Chaser   

RACE TEAMS (Unlimiteds)

U6 Miss Madison   

U25 Superior Racing Team   

U28 New Kid in Town   

U-5 Racing   

Ellstrom Elam Plus   

U-13 Detroit Unlimited   Website for the 4 time Gold Cup winner.

U-88 Schumacher Racing   Schumacher Racing was formed in 2006 by two-time Gold Cup trophy winner and three-time National Champion former driver, Billy Schumacher and his wife Jane.

Go Fast Turn Left Racing   Greg and Brian OFarrell U-21, driven by Brian Perkins.

U-17 Our Gang Racing   Home of the U-17 Unlimited Hydroplane, sponsored by Red Dot.

U-11 Racing - Peters and May   Scott, Shanon Raney, J.W. Meyers - Unlimited Racing Group

Webster Racing   Webster Racing LLC. has purchased the Miss Madison / Oh Boy Oberto backup Unlimited Hydroplane hull for 2011.


88 Schumacher Hydroplane Racing   

HydroNation Facebook Page   

Diamond Cup Hydromaniacs   The Hydromaniacs were a fun loving group of locals that helped pull off the Diamond Cup Unlimited Hydroplane Races on Lake Coeur d'Alene from 1958 to 1968. One of the greatest events CdA has ever hosted, we must not let its memory fade away.


Bill Fisk's Vintage Inboard Hydroplanes and Raceboats   

Bill John's New Hampshire Antique and Classic Boat Museum   

Phil Spruit's Vintage Raceboat Web site   

Antique Race Boats   maintained by Kent O. Smith, Jr. of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, Chesapeake Bay & Adirondack Chapters Chapters

Miss Thriftway - The Building of Miss Thriftway   From Vashon Unlimiteds, LLC, this site is dedicated to the building of the 1955 Miss Thriftway replica.

Calypso Racing Team   History of the Calypso Racing team and Region 10 racing from the 50's through the 80's, as well as documenting the restoration of two of the Calypso hydros.